Stanway Parish Council

Serving the people of Stanway

Parish Clerk: Mr David Lines
Victory Hall, Villa Road
Stanway, Colchester, Essex

The Stanway Parish Community Burial Ground, Comb Meadow.

Stanway Parish Council is the Burial Authority for Comb Meadow.

Comb Meadow comprises burial plots, an ash burial area and an ash-scattering meadow. The whole area is designated as a Natural, and eventually, Woodland area.

Comb Meadow is a public open space, which means that it is available for all to visit and walk through. It is a place for remembrance, peace and quiet reflection and the Parish Council will endeavour to ensure that it maintains Comb Meadow in the condition suitable for that purpose. Recent Government instructions on 'social-distancing' apply as much in the Burial Ground as with any other outdoor facility.

Please also note that, in the current situation surrounding Covid-19 (Coronavirus), our terms and conditions may change, particularly where instructed by the Government.

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  • Comb Meadow 2020 Brochure (PDF, 2.3 Mb)

    This is the latest brochure for the Parish Council's Community Burial Ground in Church Lane, Stanway (opposite St. Albright's Church)

    Please note that some conditions may change (with short notice) in the current situation surrounding Covid-19 (Coronavirus). For example, the Government may give new instructions about any aspect of conducting interments which, of course, the Parish Council will be obliged to follow. Be assured that we shall do our utmost to ensure that the same high standards of dignity and respect that we strive for will continue.

  • Comb Meadow Burial Grounds Charges (PDF, 216 Kb)

    A list of charges for the Comb Meadow Burial Ground

  • Comb Meadow Burial Plot application form (PDF, 114 Kb)

    This form is an application for a Deed of Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave plot or a cremation plot for a period of 99 years.

  • Comb Meadow Burial Ground Sponsor-a-Tree application (PDF, 277 Kb)

    An application to sponsor a tree in the Comb Meadow Burial Ground in remembrance of a loved one

This Memorial Shelter is used as a place of rest and reflection, containing (on the back wall) small plaques recording the names and plot locations of those interred in the cemetery