Financial Information

Year-to-date Accounts

Estimates of Income and Expenditure

Stanway Parish Council receives nearly all its income from the Precept (Council Tax) and this is collected on behalf of SPC by Colchester Borough Council (as it does for the County Council and the Police).

Every year, starting in November, the Council prepares its budget for the following financial year. The difference between budget income (cemetery fees, other income, grants etc) and budget expenditure (salaries, maintenance, capital expenditure, administrative costs, provision of reserves, etc), less any use of current reserves, is the amount of funds that the Parish Council will request CBC to collect via the Council Tax demands issued in April each year. This is known as the Precept.

Budget and Three Year Business Plan

  • 2021 Budget (PDF, 324 Kb)

    The 2021- 2022 Budget approved unanimously at the Full Council meeting of January 28th 2021, with no change in the Precept (Council Tax) requirement.

  • 2020/21 Budget Presentation (PDF, 207 Kb)

    Budget presentation to the Full Council on January 30th 2020 which was unanimously approved by those present.

  • Budget and Precept, 2020/21 (PDF, 1.3 Mb)

    The approved Budget and Precept Demand for FY 2020/21, with a further two-year forecast and analysis of reserves.

  • 2019 Budget (PDF, 219 Kb)

    This is the Budget for the 2019/2020 Financial Year

Notice of Conclusion of Audit, including the completed Annual Governance and Accountability Return

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return

The next Public Rights of Inspection period (for the FY to March 31st 2021 Accounts) will take place in the summer of 2021, following the publication of the initial Unaudited Accounts, the AGAR and Internal Auditor's Report in April.

Internal Auditor- interim reports to the Parish Council

  • Internal Auditor - interim report Jan 2021 (PDF, 192 Kb)

    This document contains the interim reports provided to the Council by its independent internal auditor during the financial year. The reports are scrutinised by the Internal Audit Committee and recommendations within them are considered for implementation. These are then reported to the Full Council. at the next available meeting.

    You will find the full year Internal Audit report as part of the finalised draft accounts at the end of the financial year - March 31st. The full package of reports is then reported to the Annual General Meeting of the Council for review and approval. As the process goes forward, this master document converts to a 'Conclusion of Audit' document.

Financial Regulations

  • Financial Regulations 2020 (PDF, 306 Kb)

    The Parish Council's Financial Regulations, subject to interim approval and review for final approval at the AGM in May 2021

Detailed Expenditure Information

  • Payments over £500 (PDF, 70 Kb)

    A year-to-date list of payments in excess of £500 (excluding individual salaries)

Asset and Property List

  • Asset Register (PDF, 143 Kb)

    The register of the Parish Council's land, buildings and other assets, updated February 2021

  • SPC Land Assets (PDF, 102 Kb)

    A list of land owned by the Parish Council, as at March 31st 2020