Parish Clerk: Donna Tristram
Victory Hall, Villa Road
Stanway, Colchester, Essex

Greening the Parish

Picture showing Laurel trees

The first stage of the planting took place last week when 45 laurels were planted outside Victory Hall, Villa Road. These plants will, in time, grow into a hedge.


Stanway Parish Council is working with Colchester Borough Council (CBC) and participating in the Colchester Woodland Project, which is in its second of five years. The aim of the project is to plant 200,000 native trees across the borough as part of a move to try and minimise the effects of climate change. An additional benefit will be the pleasing aspect that the trees, especially blossom bearing varieties, will bring to the public realm and to our sense of well-being. Plans are underway for the planting season this Autumn, and will co-ordinate with National Tree Week beginning 25th November. All the trees will be native broadleaf species which, if planted in the right location, should live to a good age, grow to a good size and provide valuable habitat for wildlife. For more information follow this link.

Stanway Parish Council has identified several locations across the parish for this planting, these being the border of the Villa Road playing field along the Homebase side; the Drought Garden on Villa Road; on Silver Witch Green; and at the Comb Meadow Burial Site.


Stanway Parish Council has now taken delivery of the whips from Colchester Borough Council, and the planting has begun. The planting at Comb Meadow and the Drought Garden will be to improve the hedging around the perimeter. The planting at the Sports Field, Villa Road, and in the top corner of Silver Witch Green will be in a block formation so the spacing will be 1.5m to 2m between plants - wavy lines are best - nothing will be too straight as we do not want it looking like a plantation! The perimeter planting around Silver Witch Green will be planted closer, about 450mm apart, in staggered rows as the intention is for it to be maintained as more of a hedge than a strip of woodland. The minimum will be two rows, but if we plant three or four rows the better it is for the encouragement of wildlife and of course the environment. Mountain Ash and Lime trees have not yet been delivered but they are on the planting schedule.

Generally, the planting will be informal with no particular pattern as to which species are where, although Oaks will be spaced apart as they will get very large over time. This is good for the environment, and therefore good for the residents of Stanway. The additional planting will help with the improvement of air quality, especially on Silver Witch Green. The idea is to plant hedging down the side of New Farm Road, to help with pollution from the road, and bulk up the hedging, and fill in gaps around the perimeter.

Planting trees is an international programme to assist with the battle against global warming, and help fight carbon emissions. It is very exciting that Stanway is doing its little bit with the greening the parish.



And now Stanway Parish Council will hand over the baton to local residents. Hopefully in January 2021, but the date will be confirmed, the Council is organising a FREE tree and shrub give-away. The event will be a drive-through route around the Village Hall on Villa Road, and you will be able to collect trees and shrubs of your choice. There will be no charge for this but SPC will limit the number of plants each person can take.

If you have any questions, about the give-away event, or anything else linked to the greening of the parish, please do contact SPC by emailing:

Here is a list of tree species being planted around the parish, and also available for the give-away event:

Birch, Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly, Bid Cherry, Mountain Ash (Rowan)

Suitable for public realm sites and larger gardens:
Field Maple, Hornbeam, Beech, Oak, Lime
Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly, Bird Cherry, Field Maple, Hornbeam and Beech are also suggested as good hedge species.

Planting along New Farm Road. These whips, will in time, grow into a hedge, providing valuable habitat for local wildlife, a pleasant environment for residents, and help with the battle against global warming. This must be good for Stanway.

The firebreak has been re-established at the back of Silver Witch Green. The rotten trees and shrubs, along with the huge amount of brambles hiding the builders rubble dumped underneath, have all been removed from the site, as it was potentially a danger to children and dogs. The first phase of planting has begun, and in a couple of years, with careful nurturing, a lovely new hedge will grow.