Parish Clerk: Donna Tristram
Victory Hall, Villa Road
Stanway, Colchester, Essex

Halls and rooms for hire in Stanway

Stanway Parish Council is the registered owner of the Village, Victory and Tollgate Halls in Villa Road, but they are independently managed on its behalf by Stanway Village Hall Management Committee ( a registered charity) and they are ideal for meetings, village events & parties.

21st July 2020 - a message from SVHMC

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all unprecedented challenges that none of us have seen before in our life time.

As a result of the government guidelines, the closure of our halls was sudden and without chance to communicate in advance. Since 23 March 2020, SVHMC has been following the government guidelines and the updates as they are released. It is therefore pleasing to be able to inform you that from the 20 July 2020 the halls will be open for hire, with some temporary measures in place to comply with the guidance for opening, to keep you safe. Some activities will still not be permitted but from 25 July 2020, indoor gyms, fitness and dance studios, indoor sports facilities will be able to open, which means activities such as yoga, Pilates, badminton, table tennis, indoor bowls etc. can be held in village and community halls.

Users and hirers of a community facility have responsibility for managing risks arising from their own activities when they have control of premises and should take account of any guidance relevant to their specific activity or sector.
Measures put in place to keep you safe:
• The halls will be thoroughly cleaned once a day and regularly used surfaces and toilets sanitised between hires.
• The hirer will be responsible for cleaning surfaces used regularly during their hire session.
• Entrance to all halls will be by the front doors/lobby and exits will be through a fire exit that is clearly marked. Additional signage has been put in place.
• Hand sanitiser will be available for use at the entrance and exit of each venue.
• In Village & Tollgate halls, only the disabled toilet will be in use but all cubicles will be open in Victory hall. The conference suite will use the main toilets in the Village hall.
• All kitchen facilities will be closed so it will be advisable for attendees to bring their own refreshments. This will be reviewed and they may be opened in the future.
• Limits on numbers in each venue must be kept to but if one of the other larger halls is available then you can use that without any increase in your hire fee.
• The chairs and tables will be put out by the hirer/users to manage the risk of their own activity. These must be left out at the end of the session ready for the caretaker to clean and put away.
• The session times remain the same but it is important to arrive on time and not be late leaving to allow for the cleaning to take place.
• Windows and door of each hall will be opened before use and should remain open during the hire to increase ventilation. Only the doors need to be closed at the end of your session.

• The hirer will be responsible for keeping contact details of every person that attends their session.
• The caretaker will identify the designated space for someone taken ill during the session with suspected COVID-19, at the beginning of your hire session.
• Persons waiting to collect hall users should remain in their vehicles in the car park.

To comply with Government advice, the Stanway Village Hall Management Committee wish to ensure all users can be assured of a safe and sanitised environment in which to return and access our facilities. A risk assessment has been completed and will be available but may be subject to change at any time in line with Government and Village Hall Guidelines.
What has happened during the closure of our Stanway Community Halls:
• The caretakers have thoroughly deep cleaned all halls, rooms, washrooms, kitchens and cupboards.
• The halls have been checked for leaks and unauthorised access to comply with our insurance conditions.
• Most of the venues have been repainted, as planned in the next year but brought forward to take advantage of the empty halls.
• The electric wiring has been checked and certified plus all electric facilities PAT tested.
• The fire alarms and equipment have been checked and certified.
• The water system has been flushed through before opening.

Hire fees:
With no income during the 4 months of closure and minimal running costs that had to be maintained, the SVHMC has agreed the following on hire fees paid in advance:
• All one-off hires that were scheduled to take place during the closure of the halls will receive a full refund of monies paid in advance.
• All regular hirers who have paid for sessions in advance since 1 March 2020 but were unable to use them, will be held over and credited to their next invoice.
• Any cancellations of pre-booked, one-off hires once we are open will be put to the SVHMC for a decision on the refund of any monies paid.

Please also see the attached COVID-19 Secure poster and the Special Conditions of Hire.

Once you are happy with the information provided and wish to commence use of our venues, please contact Carol Hardisty, our booking secretary on 01206 545062. You will need to confirm by email or sign a copy, that you have read and agree to the special conditions of hire.

Thank you for your co-operation and the Stanway Village Hall Management Committee look forward to welcoming you back into our halls.