Stanway Parish Council

Serving the people of Stanway

Parish Clerk: Mr David Lines
Victory Hall, Villa Road
Stanway, Colchester, Essex

Following the announcement of the latest government guidelines, we understand there may be concern around attending SPC's Macmillan cake-away safely. The councillors want to highlight how important it is for you to feel comfortable coming to Stanway Village Hall on Friday 25th September at 2.00 - 4.00 pm, and that no local government guidelines are broken.

Stanway Parish Council's "Cake away" event will be a takeaway donation service. Our selection will be set out for you to make your choice and then to takeaway in your own cake box which you will have brought with you. (Don't worry – paper plates will be available if you forget your box!)

We have to be mindful of the maximum number of people that can be in the hall at one time so we will have a queuing system outside the hall allowing guests to safely pass by whilst socially distancing and pick up cakes on the go.

For quick, easy, cash free donations, we will ask guests to scan the QR code displayed at the hall, or you can make a donation by following SPC's Tea Party link below: