Crime Advice May 2020

Crime is down in Colchester District but there were nine occurrences of Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere. These are distinguished from Other Thefts in that the theft was not from a person or vehicle. These are opportunistic thefts of insecure items - for example, items left on the doorstep, or something seen to fall from a pocket or bag. So please don't assume that lower crime means less risk. We still need to be aware and cautious, and make sure that opportunities for any kind of theft aren't there.

There have been a variety of council-related telephone scams circulating. People have received calls stating that their Council Tax banding may have changed but, when challenged, the caller hangs up.

In these difficult times, do remember that you are empowered to challenge callers on their identity. There are a number of council schemes operating at the moment which are genuine, such as the Essex Welfare Service – these callers will have no issue with you verifying who they are.

Before handing over personal details, always remember ABC:
Never Assume they are legitimate.
Never Believe they are legitimate.
Always Confirm using a trusted number or by seeking advice from friends and family.

For more information, or to participate in any of Colchester Neighbourhood Watch's activities, follow the link below.

Posted: Mon, 04 May 2020 10:45 by David Lines

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